Tuesday, 5 January 2010

clasped weft

I have been playing about with the clasped weft technique, using my knitter's loom.

 I, with the most marvellous's help, warped the loom by putting a separate length and colour into each slot along the length of the 12" loom, and then put pink on one side and blue on the other through the slots. I used 4 pinks and rotated them, and 4 blues and rotated them as well.

The weaving was done by putting the first colour through the shed, around the second colour at the side, and then both colours were pulled back through the shed: two strands of each colour in the shed. They were positioned by eye. I repeated this 4 times and then wove a tabby weave for 6 rows which neatly left the first colour at the opposite side to which it started.

I used  light and dark green for the colours so that I could see what was going on and placed the 'change over' at the centre each time.

Not the most appealing piece of weaving but it does allow me to get a hold on the technique. I see lots of possibilities.... you could stagger the 'join' randomly across the width of the work, run a narrow column of alternate colour up on edge, create a pattern using the tabby weave infill's with a bold change of colour etc

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Jo said...

I think it looks very appealing! Must get the current project off my loom and experiment a little more! Thanks for the inspiration!