Friday, 18 December 2009

mostly mitts

I have been playing about with creating a pair of mittens for Claire. She is renown for her cold hands and wants something 'thick, long and warm'. Not too sure these are what she has in mind but, hey, I liked making them.

They are made from some Falkland Islands chunky I have had for an age, one skien I kept as natural, the other I dyed in a multicoloured effect with acid milling dyes.

  They are slightly different as I was 'playing'.. one was done on 4mm needles and doesn't have the stripe between the cuff and stripey pattern, and doesn't have a terribly attractive decrease at the top, the other was done on 4.5mm needles, does have the stripe between patterns and has a much better wick decrease.

I quite like them, well to be honest I gave them a test run last night, wearing them to Oxford (Mat was playing at the Holywell and it's a long walk in from where we park) in the bitter cold that decesended on West oxon.

So do I give her the practice pair, or keep them and make another...hmm.

I'll think about it whilst I get ready to have the delight that is little Jake, who's coming to stay with granny for the weekend so's his parents can party.
Oh and before I go
Guess who walked past the little newsagents in the village and saw...'for sale  spinning wheel £10.00'. So, of course I phoned the number and am now the proud owner of a single treadle Ashford traveller(in full working order) for..£10.00...oh I must have been good in a previous life....I know I already have one but can you ever have too many spinning wheels??

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Mushrooms and fungi

New new passion...boiling cauldrons ( thanks to my sister-in-law for her image of me as some white witch) of rotted fungi. I have discovered dyeing (yarn) with mushrooms etc. So far I have managed lots of golds, yellows, fawns, taupe's, browns, greens and ,amazingly, purples. It's been great fun to get up early and roam the forests looking for the mushrooms, I had no idea how many and how complex a group these were...they are everywhere once you get your eye walking will never be the same. The hat above is made completely from yarn dyed with gilled mushrooms, made for the mycologist who took us on a forage one Sunday morn...with the BBC!!


Time to start this up again I think...well blame Luce who want pics of a Christmas tree. The tree is made from old welding rods and copper plumbing pipes welded (not by me the but the most marvellous himself), with the large packets from multi pack crisps stripped and wound up the centre. Dangle bits from foil cake cases from apple pies and beer bottle tops and cleaned and opened out tomato puree tubes. My thanks to Mat who manfully drunk the beer and ate the apple pies.