Thursday, 31 July 2008


This is not work for mod 1..which is what I should be doing!!... but a 'play' using some of the colours identified in the artwork and colour wraps for 'The Fence' and a pattern found in my Mod 1 work... so what is it?... of course it's a scarf, or rather it may be if I continue with it.

The picture above shows it lying against some of the colour finding exercises from 'The Fence'. I spent a happy hour looking up the word fence in a thesaurus, partition, boundary, picket, palisade barrier, paling,guard, rampart,enclose,defend,, separate, fortify, and many more, I find having a list of words helps me concentrate on the design source, and gives me ideas to work from.

I haven't used all the colours I found but have made an 'artistic' decision and used about 3. These are made up of lace weights (Shetland, merino and some strange cone of yarn that can only be the dreaded acrylic) plied together to get the colours which also gives it a textured look.

This picture gives the other side... I love the way it has 2 distinct patterns... this is in fact the right side and I created the pattern to go with this artwork from Mod 1 (although I have to say that the inspiration for the holes came from seeing Lyn's lovely scarf in sea foam stitch done in beautiful hand spun, by herself, merino) I wanted something with much more texture between the holes and I am pleased with the way its turning out.

I find myself drawn again the working in three colours, striping them one row at a time. I find it fascinating how the colours move according to what stitch pattern you are using and how, if you use a pattern that uses a number of rows not divisible by 3, the colours will appear in order...seen in the picture below.. the holey bobbles repeat the colour sequence.

Of course I now have loads of 'what ifs' floating about in what remains of my brain... make it reversible... should be easy enough, just add one more row of the twisted rib so that you are doing the holey pattern on a wrong facing row/ right side row alternately, and turn one of the welts to the other side.... make it lengthwise, make it by increasing from a small end, gradually getting wider and then narrower again, I like the way scarves of this shape wind and sit round your neck... make it in one colour to show the pattern off... change the twisted rib for another pattern stitch.. change the holes making them longer and thinner... use it for something other that a scarf, now that's a difficult one(for me, the person most seduced by scarves) but I can see it as a cuff pattern for a pair of mittens.

Here are a couple more pictures just because Blogger is playing nice today.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

module one

These are some images from my folder of work. None of it has yet been for assesment.

knit and purl samples

The little book holds my abbreviation exercise and two knit and purl samples are along side it.

These are my cast on sample(waiting for some more to join it), cast on's and decorative cast off.

These three are.... assorted rubbings, rubbings and wash and a knit and purl sample

The three below... rubbing from texture collage cut and shapes identified, looking at the lines in the source material and exploring a few textures I can see in the photo

The three below are my source photo, texture collage and a rubbing taken from the collage

Now some recreational knitting.... firstly the start of a scarf based on the 'Cold Mountain' colours(see previous post) using the Morning Surf pattern. I have used 2 colours of lace merino from the Handpaintedyarn company and size 3.5m needles. It is a bit darker and richer than the photo shows.This is for my daughter, she choose the colours, yet again lace weight merino from the Handpaintedyarn company, this time 6 colours.... 2 together for main yarn and 2 x 2 for the highlight nubbles. She want a 'Claptois' type scarf with out the holes caused by the dropped stitches but still ribby looking. I have used a bias rib pattern, the scarf has a great drape.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

fenced in!

I seem to be increasingly drawn to fences lately, wooden ones, stone walls, steel barriers and barbed wire. WHY? I don't know, I keep walking/driving past them and they are 'calling' to me... all sounds a bit hippy but sadly true. The latest one to catch my attention is the humble barbed wire fence.
The colours captivate well as the contrast in textures between the rusted portion and the steel.

Also the 'knot ( is that what it is called?) makes me think of twisted cords and wrappings. What to do with them and the ideas that they are throwing up... having been to Urchfont in Wiltshire for the college's annual end of term exhibition ,where the company come to ply their wares, I now own lots of different shapes and sizes of sketch book so I think I will just start one on fences and play.
I have been feeling much freer about sketchbooks just lately, much less precious about using one and I think it's helping me to think more creatively. Having somewhere to put random ideas, thoughts, pics etc seems to set them in my mind. So, I have a nice large one now that contains these rambling muses.
I was watching the film Cold Mountain last night and was very taken by Ada's clothing (Nichole Kidman's character), in particular a long dark maroon coat she wore with a lacy bright blue scarf. The coat was belted with a nut brown leather belt finished with a brassy coloured buckle... I just loved this combination of colour so wrote them down in random 'book, where they joined company with a picture of a towel whose pattern was stripe of differing widths broken with a haphazard chevron, a sketch of an expanded grid and some notes and a sample using it (incorporating dropped stiches, cast off/on and ribbing), a dried rose, and some colour chips from a paint card in the colours of a scarf I saw someone in an advert wearing. Written down like this it makes me feel I might becoming slightly unhinged!!