Monday, 23 June 2008

London Fences

These lovely pics are of the fencing at my sister's house, up in London. This part of the fence is exposed to the elements and provides really exciting shapes, textures and colours to use in design work. I am finding myself drawn to the soft greys , browns, greens and subtle burgundy- oranges present in the wood, unusual for me as I normally prefer lavenders, purples and blues... is my taste maturing as well as my age? I have started to look at the colours more closely, and am just starting out with thread wrappings and colour matching swatches (ahead of myself as I'm not yet completely finished with Mod 1). I started with a striped colour swatch, which was OK--ish but then Jen suggested that I knit the sample using short rows to imitate the more organic lines in the wood.. a great improvement!!

I have been knitting... continuing with the wrap for my daughter, it's now at the tedious stage... you know..almost long enough but not quite!! I do hate it when the knitting seems a chore, it's a very basic lace pattern and therefore not much to keep me interested when knitting so my mind keeps wandering, thinking of other things to knit and make, books to read and yarn to fondle!! It is as long as I am tall...5''6', and I have enough yarn left to add about another 18'' so I will have to hope that it will be long enough for her to throw artily around her shoulders! Made in Fleece Artist Baby kid mohair, bought from Get Knitted in Bristol.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

artwork for fences

I know I should be doing coursework for the HKC&G but I got sidetracked by fences. here is some artwork from a sketchbook I started for the fences.... the book is an old radio times with it's pages stuck together and gessoed.. gives a lovely ripply texture to each page, just right for fences.

It's quite amazing the colours in the fencing panels, who'd have thought you'd find turquoise in the wood!!

I really like the lines and shapes found in the panels, there is something soothing about the way they radiate and twist about.

Finding the shapes in pencil was rewarding, giving lots of opportunity for repeating, and overlapping shapes

These last 2 are my favorites, although they are not in the 'colourway' they could be done using the soft turquoises, greys and browns. Click on any of the pictures to enlarge them