Wednesday, 28 May 2008

New camera AND New computer!!

Have taken a short break from blogging to get to know my new camera and computer... two new technologies at once is more than enough to tax my poor aging brain!!

But, here I am...all poised and ready to embrace the 'new world'...well... a step at a time maybe!

Knitting first...the three samples above are patterns from the lovely Japanese stitch dictionaries. I have started out by deciphering the easy(?) ones first and particularly like the unusual use of a drop stitch in the one at the bottom left. I tried this without all the twisted stitches but it looked so bland and lacked any definition that I did not continue with it. The stitch patterns in the books use a lot of twisted stitches... through back of loop on both the knit and the purl side... and it really defines the shapes and lines in the patterning.

I, also, got taken to Get knitted in Bristol by my lovely husband, and ladies/gents...go if you can!! It is wonderfully large, well set out, calm and there are even sofas and non-knitting mags for hubbies and other non-knitter types!! They carry a vast stock of the usuals..Rown, Sirdar, Debbie Bliss etc as well as all those lovely imported brands you only ever see at the Ally Pally.... Fleece Artist, Heartstrings, Cornish Organic etc I know you can order them on the net but it's wonderful to see and touch them in the flesh!! I managed to come away with a bag containing some Fleece Artist kid mohair( already a quarter the way up a wrap for my daughter's birthday), a hank of Lane Borgosesia lace weight..a stunning 1460yds of deep cerise merino, some Addi lace needles, a book and bits and pieces like point protectors... plus a free pen and pattern.

I started to take pics of fences last year, they are full of wonderful stripes and colours, mod 2 Loraine? Depending on the weather it is surprising what colours appear in them. These are a few 'wet fence' pictures to give you an idea.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Plastic Fantastic

Just have to put a couple of these up on the blog. I have spent sometime in the greenhouse lately getting the seeds started for the allotment, and popping in to water them today I spotted this.... where I had sown seeds the previous day and covered them with clingfilm (to encourage them along) the moisture content had built up between the compost and the clingfilm causing the film to cling to all the lumps and bumps of the earth. Click on them to enlarge them to their full beauty.
I feel a printing with cling film session approaching. I think I will try laying coloured tissue paper between the earth and clingfilm, what will happen when the seeds start to sprout I wonder?

Thursday, 1 May 2008

work of art

Just a short note to say that the beautiful felt painting in the previous blog was made by Caroline Turner, who is the tutor for the felt courses at IDC, also mentioned below.