Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Coach Travel

I have been up to London quite a bit recently, on the coach, and each time wish I had remembered to bring my camera. The coach goes quite quickly along the motorway but as it enters the outskirts of London it has to slow right down because of the traffic and progresses in a fit of starts and stops! Being up quite high you get a great view of the captial's skyline, I don't think I had noticed before the sheer numbers of different architecture there are in just the roof lines! Next time I go up I am taking the camera!!

In the meantime here are some pictures from another inspiration source, closer to the ground!!

These were inspired by two ladies, well known in the Embroidery world, Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn. They teach various City and Guild courses and Master Classes at Windsor, all over the UK and the World. They wanted to encourage their students to 'see' and so devised the '5 minutes from home' inspiration gathering technique

The idea is that you don't have to travel to find and see inspiration, it really is all around! They themselves produced work for exhibition using this idea(you can see them working on it and the finished works on their DVD's available from Double Trouble Enterprises)

So... I went out into my dead ordinary garden and started taking photo's. It's quite suprising what you find to photo.

These were taken at the end of summer, not long after the floods.

Monday, 3 March 2008


I have had to stow my needles for a couple of days to finish getting ready for the Art of Recycling Exhibition at the West Oxon Arts Gallery, Bampton in the Bush, Oxon UK. I have a few rag rugs and some book forms showing in the exhibition and, as usual, have left it right to the very last minute before getting ready. Why does sewing twill tape rod hangers on to the rugs take so long? My fingers are sore as it's quite hard going but... da dah... I'm on the last one.

These are a couple of rough pictures of some of the book forms... simple accordian books, folded so that they open in different ways. I reuse the covers of childrens annual for the boards and decorate the papers with spent dyes, bleach, furniture wax and acrylic paints. as you can see the middle one is still sporting a cute picutre of PINGU!!

Saturday, 1 March 2008

mulitple WIP

I seem to be starting more than I'm finishing these days. Funny how, when you're supposed to focusing on one thing, all you do is something else. I'm putting all the new starts down to a blacklash againgst small samples... or is it just me looking for an excuse? I've started quite a few new things in the last few days... socks, scarf, and a shawl... one day I'll knit a jumper!!

This is a 'Falling Leaves' sock from the book Favorite socks. I have knitted these before with a few alterations to the pattern, but this time I'm sticking to the recipe...so far. These are done using some lovely Shetland from an EBay seller, it's beautiful wool, comes oiled but washes up so beautifully soft and snuggly.

This is the start of the Melon shawl fron Victorian Lace Today, I have never tried this stitch before, it's very easy to work and grows quickly but I don't think this will come to anything.. just a play. Again in the lovely oiled sheltand in cream. I have just bid on more of this yarn, in different colourways, I really do like it and can you ever have too much!!

A lovely 'scrap' sock using 6 different colours of Handpainted Yarn's merino lace, using up small bits left from other socks. I have made countless socks using this yarn, plying up the lace to what thickness I require; because each seperate lace yarn is hand dyed plying gives wonderful marls without too much 'pooling'.

This little beauty is a start to a square shawl for my daughter, no pattern..just making it up as I go along. Wool is merino lace, bought as a one-of from a ebayer.

A start to a scarf using that wonderful Shetland again( I seem to be having a Shetland moment..could be worse I suppose:) the patterning is coming from the samples done for City and Guilds Handknit course. I really like the crunchy-ness of the fabric so thought I would knit up a scarf in a neutral colour and dye it later.

In a coarser natural Shetland(agin from Ebay) socks for my brother-in-law. Using the basic sock template from Charlene Schurch's More Sensational socks and a sailor's rib on the leg and a variation of K1P1 rib on foot. I really like the idea of having basic templates and loads of pattern's to use with them.. I think it's a great concept for a book and will buy her other one at some time. You can 'plug' in your own patterns, make variants of heel and toe shapes. endless possibilites and all the math done for you..brilliant!!