Monday, 17 September 2007

A play and some work?
Managed to find a little time, after the hedge-pulling and before rigor mortis set in, to play alittle.

This sample is made from dyed tissue bonded to butter muslin, with the outline stitched on machine(yes, that's right... the monster is out!!) using one of the stitch patterns that came on the beast. Stitched again, inside the line, with straight machine stitching, cut away around the outside line and slashed between the internal line and outline. Love the texture bonding the tissue to fabric gives...tissue was well crumpled before appling.
these 2 are my 'play' with the idea of reversible reverse applique. % layers. The middle layer is glazed cotton, then lace and then lining material added to each side . Had to draw round shape on each side of sandwich onto the topmost material (if this was a more resolved sample I probably would use the tissue paper method for a cleaner finish) One side I stiched around the inside of the line with buttonhole stitch... done 'inside out' in keeping with theme. The other side I used random lenght button-hole around the outside of the line and whipped it with a nice glizty thread. ... can see lovely scarves made this way using 3 or more layers over middle backing, possibly using a wavy grid as design.

This sample is actually one of the required 6... 4 layers on to backing material. First design tacked from rear & machine stitched several times around outline, second design tacked from back shape..couched and whipped with vicoise raffia
middle shape... just tacking stitches
bottom shape... just couched with the raffia.
I have cut away varoius sections of the shapes caused by the over lapping of the machine and hand stitching. The outline has been cut to different depths and top and bottom of shape. I have tried to show that you can get a complex look from simple shapes. Now this is not one of the most attractive samples but I think it offers a lot of potenial for further developement (say if a resolved sample was required)

Friday, 14 September 2007

Nearly halfway!

These are my first stitched/reverse applique samples. The colours not that true, they are brighter than this but my scanner seems determined to mute them!! I have used a variety of materials that I already had as I will have to mail order for more organza's, sheers etc and I wanted to make a start. I like the effect of the layering, it required a lot of design choices... which design and whether to simplify or elaborate it, which materials where?, which colours where?, where to cut...inside or outside the line or both, what stitches to use. I am going to do some more using my Nemesis..THE SEWING MACHINE!!! Am I the only one that is frighten of this bit of kit?, my shoulders tense and I will even do housework to get out of using it. Once I get it set up and going I'm usually OK but ... well... I'd rather do the hand sewing. I can see there's an opportunity to make reversible reverse applique... if you get what I mean... if I use 4 or more layers I should be able to cut out a layer from the front and one the back to make both shapes...positive and negative, cutting inside the line on one side and outside on the other. I'm going to be a big girl and try this out using machine stitching...