Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Cut paper designs. It was interesting to see the number and type of variation in pattern achieved in this exercise. I used the pieces left from cutting the squares to create border and new design shapes. There were moments of 'Oh... that's disappointing' as well as some nice surprises.

I liked the idea of placing the cutouts alongside the original to extend the design. The second design shape was made using scissor handles and produced some really appealing shapes. I then moved on to the coloured paper layered exercises.

This exercise was interesting, some I placed on 'busy' backgrounds and others on contrasting ones. Although I have outlined most of the shapes with pen, I have not necessarily gone all around the motif. Sometimes I have just highlighted certain edges. I felt that this made the motifs more visually appealing.

This page was a bit of a play, I placed the point of my original distorted shape into each of the 4 corners of the square and let the rest of the shape overlap. The page shows both positive and negative shapes. I really liked the outcome, feeling that although it still related to the original design shape it was much more irregular and pleasing than some of the more formal shapes I had obtained in the cut paper exercise.
These 2 pages are design sheets b & c from chapter 3 ( I have decided to go back through my design sheets and number them before I send them to Sian) showing shape changed by way of scale, pattern, new shape from old, complex counter change, divide and separate etc. Yet again it was interesting just what happened to the original shape during these exercises. I particularly liked the all over pattern made using the new shape from 'divide and separate'...it reminded me of carpet patterns.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

I am now doing the Design Development ( chapter3) and this has kept me busy snipping and sticking. The possibilities for distorting the shape are endless because each time the shape is distorted you can repeat the interchange/ counterchange/symmetry/asmmetry/repeat pattern etc exercises with the newly distorted one, offering countless variations. I decided to use a colour interchange on the backgroung, overlapping the various exercises, to give a richer look to the sheet.....just noticed yet again I have forgotton to title it!!

I then spent some time in the notebook exploring a few ideas the exercises had thrown up... distorting the shape into a wavy grid, cutting the distorted shape out of concertina folded paper.

I then realised that the shape would change depending on how it was orientated within the shape so tried out a few of these, also that you use the distorted shape and distort it again into the same shape (a double distortion). Of course you could repeat that as many times as you liked

I also tried distorting it back into the original cross shape, but preferred it where it was put back into half a cross. I then made a start on design sheet C. Creating the border was fiddly as my shape was not regular or symmetrical. Before I tried a new shape I tried out several in the notebook and came up with a couple that worked.

Its great the outlines that have appeared. This has been a bit of a wordy blog but how DO you say all this in just a few sentences.

Saturday, 4 August 2007

A couple more pages from the 'sun-sitting' yesterday, just finding lines really. This one uses a small photo of a cross in a graveyard and from that I have drawn around using the shapes and lines in the pictures, changing the scale and size of them. Mostly done in pencil, coloured lines done using Inktense pencils from Derwent and given a wash of water.
This is another human cruciform and I have tried to get the organic contour lines of the human body to move into the angular lines of a cross. I think it needs a larger piece of paper. more lines some of which to be in the bold black to show the transformation.

Cut Paper shapes...whilst doing these I realised I had not put the heading on the previous sheets...have rectified that. I enjoyed doing these and like the one using the human form( bottom right on large sheet) the best.

these are the samples of the coloured papers used for the cut shapes, and to be used for further exercises in Chapter 3. I have used tile spacers to show some of the different patterns you can get with a cross shape; I placed these under the side triangles and rubbed over them with oil pastels. I find the mix of textures(collaged papers, rubbings, washes) on one page appealing.

Whilst taking a (well earned??) siesta in the sun I had this great idea, original I thought at the time. I made a cruciform shape from stones from the gravel, wet them, placed a sheet of tissue over the top and painted it with dyes. Left it to dry and I hoped to get the outilines of the stones where the dye had pooled. It wasn't so successful with stones but I tried it again with the tile spacers and that worked a treat. Tried it also with pressed Gladioli flowers(like you do) and, although you can't see the outlines of the flowers that clearly, I liked the effect. I say I thought this was an original thought but, whilst having my morning coffee in bed(weekend treat as I rise very early on other days) and browsing a back copy of Quilting Arts there was an article by Barbara Schneider where she does a similar thing using cloth and solar sensitive dyes...hers look tons better than mine!!...Issue 11 Fall 03 for anyone interested. Funny how some things stay in your mind to be retrived later!!

Friday, 3 August 2007

have been making a start on the cut paper shapes but got sidetracked by the sunshine so 'played' a little in the journal that's accompanying the module whilst sitting outside

I like the effect of this page... line drawings of bits of cruciforms from the photos I took, just varied the scale.

done using pencil and koh-i-noor dyes

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Cracked it!!

I'm having trouble making these photos go where I want them too so sorry if they are appearing all over the place.

starting out

How to start that was my first hurdle. Having viewed other Distant Stitchers my first inclination was to 'run for the hills'!!

Here are the first pages I have done, having chosen cruciforms over stars.